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Fall Fun Rally Basics

Date:       September 25-27, 2015
Who:       Venturers, Explorers, and Older Scouts (Venturing Age)
Where:   Beaumont Scout Reservation (Outside Saint Louis, MO)
The Fall Fun Rally may seem simple enough. In some ways its your basic multi-crew campout. Like many District or even Council campouts, most crews will stay in campsites in one of the Camporee fields of Beaumont Scout Reservation. There will be activities from Friday Evening to Sunday Morning.
What separates the Fall Fun Rally from other events?  It is that the largest gathering of Venturers annually (also the largest outdoor Venturing and Exploring event), drawing over 1000 people for the last few years. And you might guess there will be activities to match.  It's the sheer size, as well as the quality of the program that sets apart the Fall Fun Rally from other events.
Remember, all in attendance for the event must be Venturing Age. Sorry, no under age brothers and sisters. We'll see you in a few years.


Your crew, post, ship, or even older Scout patrol (Venturing Age) can attend the camp-out for the weekend like you would at any of those other events. Units are welcome to build ground fires or cook on a pressurized fuel stove. Water is available at spigots in the field. The field has traditional latrines. A short walk away are the showers at the pool. Ground fires for cooking or for evening campsite entertainment are allowed with dead wood from the property or your own firewood.


For those of your coming from farther away or if you don’t want to camp for the weekend, there are hotels very close to Beaumont. Check out the nearby hotels of Valley Park and Eureka, with most people having booked at the nearby Drury Inn for approximately $89 a night.

Food and Eats

This is a big camput, and many units will bring and cook their own food. There's plenty of time in the schedule, many units will do this. Some units have even had a 'formal dinner' or had a multi-crew potluck dinner.

But we've also got an option for a meal plan if you would like to go that way.  The meal plan will include 4 meals. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner on Saturday, as well as Breakfast on Sunday. A complete menu will be available before registration goes live on July 1.



FFR 2016 -- Meal Plan Menu216.84 KB

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