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Getting There

Getting there may be part of the fun!

Beaumont Scout Reservation
High Ridge, MO (Near Saint Louis) (Map)
The Fall Fun Rally is held at the 1700 acre Beaumont Scout Reservation in suburban Saint Louis, MO. Located directly off I-44,just 35 minutes from downtown or the airport.


You'll take I-44 to Exit 269, the Beaumont/Antire Road Exit. If you are coming from the East (I-270) then cross over the highway and turn right. If you are coming from the West (Eureka) just follow the exit as it turns you around and you'll be headed down the correct road.

At the bottom of Antire Hill, the entrance to Beaumont is on the left. There really is only one road heading into Beaumont, so follow it until you get to the Emerson Center. That's past the climbing tower, past Cub World, and past the Nature Lodge. Emerson will be on the right, and we will be on the road to meet you in front.

And if that all confuses you, check out the map you can print and bring with you.

At the Event

There will be plenty of parking for the weekend. Once at the event, we ask that you park your car for the weekend (those with need to drive may of course do so). For those of you that may need to leave throughout the day, you will be asked to park your car at the main parking area before the program fields. If you will only be there for the day, you will also be asked to park at the main parking area.








For those of you flying to the Fall Fun Rally, the airport is about 35 minutes from the Scout Reservation. The airport is served by most of the large carriers, with the largest carriers being Southwest and American. Both terminals are served with shuttles to car rental companies. Though the Metro lines run to the airport, they do not run to Beaumont. Due to limited people flying in, we will not be doing commercial shuttles from the airport to Beaumont. If you need to get from the airport to Beaumont, contact us at and we will attempt to find volunteers or other folks making the drive that day to carpool with.


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