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Are my younger siblings/children allowed?

The Greater Saint Louis Area Council  does not allow unregistered participants for overnight camping activities or other 'higher risk' activities. The joining policy for Venturing is 13 and out of 8th grade or 14 in any grade. Since the Fall Fun Rally is a Venturing event, so we have to adhere to that. If you were to have some 8th graders that were 14, then they could come.

If an under age youth is found at the event they will be asked to leave, even if this means that all or a good portion of the unit may have to leave also.


Last year's patches were awesome. Will there be patches this year?

YES! There will be an awesome patch again this year. We will have presales available again beginning in July. There will also be the option to buy extra t-shirts, and we may have some other FFR collectibles from previous years for sale too.


How do I register for horses?

At the Beaumont Scout Reservation there are a limited number of horses and a limited amount of time to ride the horses. Therefore we cannot possibly accommodate everyone that wants to ride. So what we are going to do is have those that want to ride sign up online for a lottery. Tickets will need to be claimed at a certain time at the event, or they will be reallocated to those in attendance.


Will there be showers available?

There are showers available. As in past years, youth will use the showers at the pool. Adults (18+) will be using the showers at the Emerson Center. 


What will the weather be like?

Warm and dry, obviously! But seriously the weather in the St. Louis area at this time of year is usually highs in the high 60’s and lows in the 40’s, and typically dry with a slight chance of rain. Please hope for no rain though, since this is an outdoor event.


How can I stay informed of any changes for the event?

The best way to stay on top of things is to like us on Facebook. Our page is GSLAC Fall Fun Rally. This is the easiest way for us to post messages on the wall for everyone to see. During the Fall Fun Rally, you can also follow us on Twitter. There will be various staff member tweeting about various topics and updates. And finally you have obviously found our website which will have updated links as they become necessary.


What do I need to do when I get there?

Once you have arrived at Beaumont you will need to see the parking personell to get a parking pass filled out. They will greet you on the road to the Emerson Center Headquarters. Once you have that in hand you can proceed to the Emerson Center where you will get checked in, get your wristbands, weekend schedules  and any pertinent updates. Then you can go find your favorite campsite and proceed to set up camp.


We have a really cool idea for an event, can we do it?

Anyone attending this event is welcome to help put in the event! We welcome any help we can get. So if your unit would like to put on an event, as many units in the Greater Saint Louis Area Council do, contact the event advisor at Many units from the Greater Saint Louis Area Council will be contacted through their district VOA to put on an activity already. But if you are outside from Saint Louis, we look forward to any activity you might bring too!

Some things your unit might be able to put on would be a crazy competition such as 60 Seconds to Win it, Tug of War, or a knot tying competition. If there's just a couple of you that want to help out, we can definitely find some place for you to help out. Putting on this event for about 1300 people last year included nearly 300 people helping in one form or another. The way this event will continue to grow is with your help, so let us know you're up for the challenge, and we'll be certain to get you involved.


I want to camp but I don’t have any equipment, what can I do?

There are a couple of options for this situation. One is there will be a provisional Crew that will be assembled. The provisional Crew will have enough equipment to handle supporting several Crew depending on their sizes. Another option would be renting a cabin.  Signup details for the cabin will be posted in the coming months.


I am an adult leader, what will there be for me to do?

There will be plenty to do. Other than supervising your youth, there will be a multitude of training sessions, including adult leader training for both Venturing and Sea Scouts. As an adult you will be allowed to participate in the 100+ activities that the youth are participating in (with some exceptions for the competitions). You can just relax. Or if you like, you could help staff the overall event. We could always use more help in places like the trading post, registration, dining hall, logistics, and even trainings.


My Unit will be arriving pretty late, we will still be able to get a good camping spot?

All camping spots will be first come, first serve. However for those that are coming from out of Council or won’t be able to get there until late, there will be a reserved camping area for the latecomers. It will be at the far end of the first camporee field, but before the second field.


My Unit won’t all be there at the same time, can I rope off an area to save them a spot?

We realize that everyone can’t make it out to camp at the same time. And we know that a lot of people try to reserve enough space for their Units. But while doing that please be respectful of your fellow campers and try not to take more space than you will need. In selecting an area please also don’t block the field from the road unless you would like to have all of the other campers cutting through to find their campsites.


I have mobility/medical issues are there any special facilities available?

There will be one small cabin that will reserved for the use of those who absolutely must sleep in accomodations with power for medical reasons, or who need an accessible place to sleep. Adults in these accomodations will likely be sleeping away from their units. If an entire unit is in need of these accomodations, you may want to rent a cabin for your unit that will be available for $150.

We encourage everyone to attempt to camp in the field, as this is how we are best setup to accomodate you, and this is the true Fall Fun Rally experience. But for those with CPAP or other aparatus that cannot be battery powered, we will do what we can to accomodate your needs so you may attend with your unit.

If you have any questions regarding this contact the event advisor at

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